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Hip Hop DX is reporting that after Kanye West threw Sway Calloway under the bus during an interview/rant about his placement as #7 on a recent MTV Hip Hop list, Sway ended up winning the situation! Kanye seemingly tried to embarrass Sway by telling the entire world that he “bought Sway his very first TV” and that Sway needed to “remember that”.

See the video below!

But something interesting has happened. Sway received a 90-inch, AQUOS flat screen TV courtesy of Sharp.

This particular model is said to be “the largest LED TV on the planet,” and most certainly would be a welcomed addition to any home! And in an even more interesting move, the company also sent Calloway a remote control that will operate both the 36-inch TV that Kanye gave Sway as well as the one that they sent him!” Nice!


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Sway Calloway Receives Another TV But Not From Kanye!  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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