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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Don’t say a word. Compose a speech if you must, but let it go no further than the front of your mind. Disconnect the inner device that directs what you want to say towards your tongue. It’s not that there’s some danger attached to the making of a statement. It’s just that, if you keep quiet a little longer, you’ll see the change you want or the result you yearn for, without you needing to breathe so much as a syllable. That way, you can accept it without feeling that you have forced it. A little patience is all you need this week.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Suppose you have to complete a jigsaw puzzle. After hours of painstakingly assembling the pieces, you find you are missing one crucial bit. It is not in the box. Have you lost it, or was it never there? How frustrating! It makes the entire exercise seem pointless. Your quest for a missing link has so far failed to produce a rewarding result. You have tried to apply every intelligent solution you can think of. So now, stop trying to be clever and follow your heart instead. You will yet stumble upon the very thing you need.


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