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Boy, that Karruche Tran must have made a wish on every single star in the night’s sky, for every single day that she and Chris were apart, if this one is true! TMZ is reporting that, Karrueche is moving in to Chris Brown‘s house as we speak! They have reportedly decided to live together!

Didn’t he just break up with Rihanna (again) like five minutes ago? Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! Rihanna literally just tweeted this and while we have no idea what it is concerning, it would be pretty funny if it was regarding this story!

Sources close to the couple are telling TMZ  that Chris and Karrueche got together a few days before his 24th birthday at the beginning of this month, and they’ve stayed together ever since.

Wait, so they’ve been able to keep it together for  a whole three weeks?  Well then yep, makes sense to us, of course they should move in together!

The same sources are also telling TMZ that Karrueche is keeping her own apartment  but she’s already moved most of her clothes and other personal belongings to Chris’s house.

So does this mean no more Breezy and RiRi? Yeah right! He’s told the world before that he loves them both, so our guess is, he will probably be dancing his way back over to Rihanna again at some point.

We’ll just wish them well and hope that this hopping back and forth eventually comes to an end.


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