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The health and well being of rapper Lil Wayne has been a priority for him, and some of his fans.  Lil Wayne has scared the world of Hip Hop  by having two seizures, that resulted in him being hospitalized.  Although Lil Wayne shamed the Devil by being blessed with more days to live, his health is still on the minds of many.

Last night, Lil Wayne stopped by The Jimmy Kimmel show.  This was a rain check cash in to his other two appearances that he missed on account of his health.  During the past due interview, Wayne and Kimmel discussed his health for the first time.

“Alive and well, and as little as ever…” was how late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel introduced Lil Wayne to his in-studio audience.  Lil Wayne came out looking just as described, alive and well; cheesing and showing his diamond grill.  Kimmel joked about Wayne missing his scheduled appearances.  One due to scheduling, and another due to his health.  Saying that he and others thought that Wayne was going to die.  Wayne laughed off the comment of him dying, and went into detail to explain his health reasoned absence.

His last and most serious seizure (as if all of them weren’t) was the one that caused him to miss his March appearance.  When detailing that event, Wayne explained that the house he was in at the time had different floor levels.  While Wayne was upstairs seizing, and his homeboys downstairs chillin’, it was one of them who noticed that it had been a while since he had came down.  It was then that they went upstairs and found him.

Wayne went on to say that this was a private medical matter that he has dealt with all his life.  Also saying that his doctor prepped his homies on what to do if the seizures were to happen again.  During the explanations, Kimmel was the funny guy he usually is, and threw a few jokes in there.

Wayne is now healthy, and taking better care of himself.  Although there were jokes made, this is a matter he is serious about and doing what he can to stay healthy.  Take a look at this segment from the interview below.



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