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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Often, we talk about the people that we should be talking to. We pass judgements and we make criticisms but we do not communicate these to the people who most need to hear our reactions. Then we wonder why they never listen to us! Of course, we can’t just go storming up to the folk we disapprove of and start telling them where they are going wrong. We have to be gentle and diplomatic. But we do have to press our point. For you, this week is about clearing conflict and gently replacing confusion with clarity.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Too many people play too much chess. It’s a fine game, but it creates a dangerous impression. Players end up believing that everything can be carefully planned and intelligently thought through. With strategy, forethought and analysis, all problems can be avoided. Well, no they can’t. Not even if you are a grandmaster. By all means, consider your options now, but there are some emotions you cannot legislate for. Only plans made with an allowance for the needs of the heart will prove truly constructive as time goes by.


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