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A 6-year-old Oxon Hill, Md., boy is being hailed as a hero after helping to save his mother’s life. He was with his mother when she had a seizure. But Kenny Watson knew exactly what to do. He ran to the phone and called 911.

Latoya Watson has epilepsy and is on medication. She says she missed a dose on Wednesday.

That afternoon as she sat with her son, Kenny, for his afternoon snack, Latoya had a seizure.

“She started hitting her head on the hardwood floor and started jerking,” says Kenny.

Latoya says she has had seizures before, so Kenny knew exactly what to do. He ran to the phone and called 911.

Kenny told the dispatcher where he lived and what happened to his mother. He stayed on the phone while the dispatcher talked him through the process of what to do to help his mother until paramedics could arrive.

The dispatcher can be heard on the 911 call saying, “If she starts to have her seizure again, make sure you move dangerous objects away from her.”

Kenny replies, “There’s no live scissors or any sharp objects like thumbtacks around her.”

Moments later, the paramedics are heard arriving while Kenny continues to tend to his mother who has now regained consciousness.

He is heard on the tape saying, “Lay back down mommy. Lay back down. Lay back down. Just lay back down. You just had a seizure.”

The paramedics took Latoya to the hospital. She was checked out and is now OK.

Kenny says he did what he knew he had to do.

“I knew the consequences being that she was having a seizure,” he says.

Latoya is grateful Kenny was there. He is her brave little boy who saved her life.

“It wasn’t his first time doing it and it may not be his last time having to do that, so he’s my hero, and I’m grateful for him,” she says. “God was in control and working through him.”

Kenny’s grandmother, Margaret Chase, taught him how to read, dial 911 and recite his address when he was just three years old.

Kenny just started first grade at Barnaby Manor Elementary School.

He says he would like to go into the Army when he is older so he can keep helping people.


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