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Bieber’s team says that their pop star never used the N-Word and that the song is a fake.

Via TMZ:

Justin’s camp tells TMZ … someone went to YouTube and created a fake account which looked very similar to Bieber’s REAL YouTube account.

We’re told the hoaxer then uploaded a song called, “What She Wants (Official) 2013” … which featured a singer that sounds like Bieber dropping the N-word in one of the lyrics.

But we’re told Bieber had NOTHING to do with the song and has since launched his record label’s legal team to have the song wiped from the Internet.

The video has since been removed from YouTube … and we’re told the song that was originally  posted was actually a song from an artist named Khalil Underwood.



Welp! It was just a matter of time when he got a little too comfortable with Black culture! First, Miley twerks the dance out of fashion. And now Justin Bieber is caught using the N-word in a new song called “What She Wants“. He doesn’t use the word in a Paula Dean hateful way. More so, in a “I’m best friends with Lil Twist so I’m down and I can say it” endearing way.

Check out the song below and hear it around the 1:30 mark:


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