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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Your Week Ahead: There is a possibility that this week, something or someone will confront you with what appears to be an awkward truth. If this happens, don’t argue back. Don’t feel bad about it either. Be ready to learn. Be ready to understand. Be ready to make a discovery that hurts a little, but which finally opens up a vital doorway. You have been cruising for too long, on autopilot. You have been ignoring a genuine opportunity. Here, thanks to Mercury’s departure from your sign, comes your delightful rediscovery.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: It’s all very well saying ‘let’s pour oil on troubled waters’ but what if you’re dealing with a raging ocean and all you’ve got is a tiny phial? You’re going to have to hope that the oil it contains is particularly effective. As it happens, you have such a magical substance at your disposal. You know something someone else doesn’t. Only maybe you don’t know that they don’t know it. Say only what’s obviously generous and constructive. Wherever you can find something kind to say, say it and the boiling sea will soon subside.