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Ciara Red CarpetSocial media is a gift and a curse for those involved in the entertainment business. While it does provide an unflinching look behind the curtain into the real lives of celebrities. However, along with all of the access, these entertainers have opened themselves up to be judged, slandered, and talked about by any person with an internet connection. Well, singer Ciara is tired of dealing with the negativity of social media and blog sites. In a recent open letter titled “What Is Social Media Coming To?”, the future Mrs. Future blasted social media and bloggers for perpetuating negativity.


In the letter the “Body Party” songstress said, “But nowadays it seems like there’s a competition with sites on ‘Who Can Tear Someone Down the Most,’” she writes. “The stories are going from cool and creative to pure drama. Even the comment sections are beginning to get out of control and people are using the platforms to exercise a false sense of power.”

Ciara went to to talk about the bad influence it is having on the children of the world. She mentions that he negative comments on blogs and on Instagram contribute to the growing rate of suicides by young people. She wrote, “It’s kind of scary for the kids coming up, because even if a parent doesn’t allow their kids to have blog site access at home, they may still have access at school or other places. It’s now almost impossible to protect your kids from the vile things people say on blog sites today, and it’s even worse when kids hear hurtful things about themselves, their parents or other family members. In some cases kids have even resorted to suicide due to “cyber-bullying.”

At the closing of the letter, Ciara questions slanderous people why they chose to rip people apart rather than building them up. Also, she warns them of the bad karma that will surely come back to them.

Check out the letter in its entirety here.


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Ciara Slams Social Media & Bloggers For Their Negativity In Open Letter  was originally published on theurbandaily.com