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After all of the jokes and memes going around about the stylish hat Pharrell wore at the Grammy’s, guess who has the last laugh?  

The LA TIMES reports

Roast beef sandwich chain Arby’s bought Pharrell Williams’ Grammy Awards hat in an EBay auction that ended Sunday. Its winning bid was $44,100.

Many may recall the night of the Grammy’s when Pharrell’s hat made its way on the stage.  Memes of the hat went viral.  Some of the funny memes compared the hat to Smokey The Bear and the hat seen in the movie Toy Story.


The people over at Arby’s however, noticed immediately that Pharrell’s hat looked similiar to the hat used in the Arby’s logo.   The official Arby’s Twitter Account sent a tweet during the Grammys saying : “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?”

LA TIMES reports:

The tweet went viral, and Pharrell responded with, “Y’all tryna start a roast beef?”

And after bidding ended for the hat on Sunday, Pharrell tweeted: “Thank you to whoever bought my Grammy hat on @eBay for $44,100.” (The price started at $200.)

Tweeted Arby’s: “You’re welcome. We’re HAPPY to support a great cause & get our hat back.”

The proceeds from the Ebay auction will go to Pharrell’s One Hand To AnOther Foundation, a Virginia Beach, Va.-based nonprofit that supports youths in at-risk communities throughout the country.

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