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daniel-clegg-RESIZEDSome people just don’t respect the opportunity of a second chance. A man who was released from prison was sent right back in an hour. Yes, you read correctly.

As the story goes, a man in Arizona named Daniel Clegg was the passenger in a Lexus that was stopped for violating several driving laws. When the cop approached the vehicle, the aroma of marijuana hit his nose before anything. The Sherif’s Office spokesperson Tim Gaffney said the officer saw Clegg in the passenger seat with marijuana flakes covering his shirt. The driver of the car told the officer that he just picked Clegg up from a Florence, Arizona prison.


The deputy got his K-9 and searched the car.  Marijuana was found underneath the passenger seat along with rolling papers in the passenger side door. The deputy also saw an unmarked box that once opened revealed as 9mm handgun with hollow point bullets. As a convicted felon, Clegg isn’t allowed to be in possession of firearms of any kind.

Daniel Clegg denied the gun was his, but admitted that he saw it and put his prison documents underneath it. The driver of the car also said the gun didn’t belong to him. Daniel Clegg was arrested and charged with drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and misconduct involving a weapon.

He might want to take public transpiration the next time he gets released because he obviously doesn’t have friends who respect his plight as a convict.



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Man Released From Prison & Arrested An Hour Later  was originally published on theurbandaily.com