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As far as leading by example, there are going to be a bunch of fans that only know you from “Love & Hip-Hop…”

I know. That’s why I did it.

Oh word?

Yeah. You know this game very well man. I never had the opportunity to put out an album on a major label. So most of my high moments came from television… “Entourage,” “The White Rapper Show,” whatever was popular at the time TV wise. That’s how I knew to sustain my brand.  So when the opportunity came around to do love and Hip-Hop, I was against it at first but then I was like… this is another way or reinventing and branding myself to a new generation. Cause my peak in popularity, not only did it come from TV but it was seven years ago. If a kid is 18 years old watching “Love & Hip-Hop,” he was 11 years old back then. So he don’t know nothing about Saigon the MC. My way of trying to outsmart the system is to try and make it more so about single parenthood and black fathers because we’re always ridiculed for being absent. So I went up there with a female who I had irresponsible sex with and I really didn’t know her, but we have a child. So I went up there to show that, that’s not really an excuse for not being in your child’s life. It just kind of ended up going haywire cause she wanted to be Kim Kardashian. She wanted to go up there and be famous, as we see now, all over the Internet with sex scandals and all this shit she’s into. My purpose was to show that we can lead by example. That’s why if you watch the show, everything from me was about my son and making sure he was getting the best from life even though me and her were never together. But you know, it kinda went left once shorty start getting the cameras in her face. But it all worked out for me. Without that, we wouldn’t be here on this phone.

I know you want to lead by example, but do you think you set the best one during L&HH?

Oh it could have been much better, but this is the thing about reality TV. When you’re doing it with somebody else and their agenda is different than yours that can be a recipe for disaster. When you’re not yelling and screaming, you get less and less camera time. Once she figured that out, it became more about: “How do I get under this guys skin? How do I push his buttons? How do I start more arguments so we can get more camera time?” She stopped caring about the purpose of doing the show and more so about continuing to get the most camera time. And so that created something between us to where it didn’t work out. So yeah, it could have went a lot better but like I said, I can’t take back what happened but I don’t like people saying “Oh Saigon just here to bark on his baby moms.” Cause that ain’t even what I set out to do. I set out to show as a young back man, a lot of us do step up to the plate. And that’s why, after the show we did the “Ayanla Fix My Life” and I think everybody who watched “L&HH” should watch “Ayanla Fix My Life” and they will understand where that hostility comes from.

Let’s get back to the label. Have you signed anyone yet? When’s the first release? Give me some details.

I ain’t signed nobody… I mean aside from myself. But my first release is going to be this summer, probably July or August. Got a single going out called “Sinners Prayer” it’s me, Papoose and Omar Epps the actor… the guy from “House” the guy from “Juice.” He’s been rapping outta Brooklyn but you know, Hollywood did very well for him so that’s been his bread and butter but he always had bars so I reached out to him to get him on this single and we shot the video for it. So that’s just a warm-up to lead into the real single. That’s called “Nunya“ which is produced by DJ Premiere. I’m real happy with this project man. I’m looking for new artists man, I want to be what Unsigned Hype used to be.  Which is basically for artists who can’t get any burn because certain websites wont give them no shine cause they ain’t got their weight up. So this is the place you gon get your weight up at before you can get on AllHipHop, on HipHopDX or RapRadar. So it’s like a breeding ground for new artists and producers.  We do the news and all that but HipHopMyWay is really for guys like myself. They don’t want to have to cater to what’s going on to be heard. They can do Hip-Hop their way; they can do what they feel in their heart and still be showcased on a major scale.

But at the same time they gotta be nice right?

Gotta be nice, they have to be something that I would approve of. Cause a few guys slipped through the cracks… they bout to log in and see their profile has been deleted (Laughs)

And the first release is going to be your album, correct?

Yep, “Greatest Story Never Told, Chapter Three: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard.” I think I connected every generation of Hip-Hop up to now on one album. I got some of the legends and some of the new legends on one project. A lot of times they’re on the same song. It’s gonna throw people off but they gonna be proud to see someone connect the different generations of our culture and make it make sense.

Can we get a few names?

It might be a little early for that for that… but I’ll give you a couple. Big Daddy Kane is on it, Kool G Rap is on it. I got Bishop Nehru I got Omar Epps, Papoose and production by DJ Premiere. It’s really a celebration man; it’s a celebration to me. I feel liberated. I feel like I can finally go in the studio and make music from my heart and when other people hear it and love it I know it’s gonna get a fair chance. But I know I made this whole album from my heart. And that’s all I ever wanted to do.

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