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By: Jassosocial

First off let’s just say Mrs. West, YOU’RE THE REAL MVP. Now let us tell you why , Kim launched her Kim Kardashian game on June 25, 2014 via google play and the App Store.


TMZ reported she will collect a whomping 85 million dollars from it. CA -Ching!!!! Sources familiar with the deal also tell TMZKim’s cut is 45% of net profits. The game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” is set to gross a reported $200 million this year alone (For those who are good with figures, what’s 45% of 190?) MY POINT EXACTLY! Most deals the partner receives anywhere from 20-25% of profit depending on the deal but 45% … She definitely wasn’t messing with a broke you know what when it came down to this business venture. So what exactly is so fascinating about this game? Check out the games description below


Do you think it’s worth this much ? Better yet ,do you think it’s worth a download? These GB are going fast these days you know… Any who,

This app is available via google play and the App Store costing you (the downloader) NATHAN but making Mrs. West 85 Million now how does that work ? Hey umm google , if you need to go back to the drawing board about new apps my availability is completely free.

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