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Today marks a day many have been waiting for quite some time now. As of midnight on July 17, possession of an ounce or less or marijuana cannot be made a criminal offense by police in the District of Columbia. Before you start sparking up celebratory blunts, remember, although it is not a criminal offense pot is NOT legal in the District. The decriminalization only means that those caught in a first offense of an ounce or less, for personal consumption, won’t get jail time nor have it put on their criminal record. It will be a minor civil violation carrying a fine of $25 and confiscation of the pot.

D.C. is not the first to pass this law, notable states have passed decriminalization laws within these past few years.

To ensure all cannabis lovers know their rights, here are a few things to know: Minors found in possession will receive a ticket as well as being referred to Child and Family Services for a follow up, you cannot sale weed but giving someone an ounce or less without accepting payment is not an arrestable offense.

Also, yes you can be in possession of it if you’re willing to pay a fine but smoking, consuming or selling weed  in certain public places is still a criminal violation. And that includes in your car upon any street, park, alley or parking area, sorry no hotboxing. If you are carrying paraphernalia directly associated with an ounce or less including, bongs, rolling papers, cigar wrappers, and bongs in some cases it is legal to have.

An additional perk, under the new law police cannot question you because of suspicion, nor do you have to present an I.D. but must give your correct name and address, based on the following:

-the odor of marijuana,

-possession or, or the suspicion of possession of, marijuana without evidence of quantity in excess of one ounce,

-possession of multiple containers of marijuana without evidence or quantity in excess of one ounce

– possession of marijuana without evidence of quantity in excess of one ounce in proximity to any amount of cash

If you are operating a vehicle intoxicated or under the influence of marijuana these do not apply.


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