For some reason….I knew this was coming. Rapper Fat Joe has lost over 100 pounds but has gained a lawsuit for over $1 Million by the late rapper Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios. It has been 14 years since Big Pun has past away due to a fatal heart attack and respiratory failure. Pun’s widow says she has not received any money from Big Pun’s royalties since 2005. You see; before Big Pun passed, he made a deal with Fat Joe that they would split all music money in half and when he passed his wife was  to receive Pun’s portion. Fat Joe recently did an interview where he tells listeners the verbal conservation that occurred back in 2009 when Liza Rios tries to collect money from him : ”She steps to me and says, ‘‘Joe, we’’re broke. We got no money,’” said Joe. ““I said, ‘’Well listen, people are not going to be sorry for you because you’’re Big Pun’s wife forever. I’’m gonna get you some money. Now what do you do?’”  

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Wow! Fat Joe has also said that it is crazy how Rios can be demanding of money but can turn around and say her husband Big Pun use to physically assault her. Now it is reported that because Fat Joe has neglect to give Rios money; her and 3 children had to live in a homeless shelter at one point. Cray-Cray! No matter the name tarnishing that Rios may have done to her husband; if Fat Joe has really gone 14 years without paying the widow of his business partner owed royalties, he’s going to wish he never spent so much money trying to drop pounds. *shrugs*


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