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So who took the time out to watch the new ABC sitcom “BLACKish” starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburne? Umm…I did and I loved every minute of this show. This is a much-needed show that brings diversity to the world of sitcoms on the tube. The pilot episode introduces us to the Johnson family led by Dre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) and his wife Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) along with their 4 kids and the cranky but funny Pops played by Laurence Fishbourne. The first episode gives us the dynamics of a well off black family with the dad being a highly successful advertiser and his wife a well-respected doctor. The episode deals with Dre wanting to show his kids the true essence of their heritage and roots, especially when his namesake Dre Jr. joins the field-hockey team, instead of trying out for his high school basketball team. By the end of the episode Dre is the one taught the lesson of when “keeping it real” goes wrong. The show holds weight and it is very funny. Just like how The Cosby Show became a staple in households 30 years ago, I believe BLACKish can carry that weight as well.

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