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Internet activist group Anonymous sparked the worldwide (481 cities) “Million Mask March” event and on November 5th, several protestors gathered around the world. Anonymous is a truth movement that advocates self-defense for unconstitutional government. Their aim is to shed light on corrupt government for people to be free of oppression. Protestors in Ferguson joined the movement and swarmed the Ferguson Police Department.

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The march in Ferguson was to continue drawing attention to the tragic shooting by police officer Darren Wilson that claimed the life of unarmed teen Michael Brown. When the Ferguson protestors shut down the intersection of South Florissant Road and Airport Road for several minutes and marched back to the precinct, they were told they couldn’t keep marching in the streets.

The protests were seemingly peaceful until three protestors were arrested and a news vehicle was vandalized overnight. Like many of us, the protestors are still mad that a teenager was slain when he didn’t have to be and the officer who pulled the trigger and shot him while his hands were up in surrender has still not been arrested, charged, no tried. There still hasn’t

The protesters are gearing up for training sessions to prepare for the grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown case. Ferguson activists have asked for advance notice before prosecutors announce whether Darren Wilson will face charges. This notice could help prevent widespread violence to the verdict, especially if they have 48 hours notice. It’s being reported that members of the Don’t Shoot Coalition said at a news conference that they want to “de-escalate violence without de-escalating action” once a grand jury decides whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson. County police Chief Jon Belmar earlier this week reiterated that police do not intend to impede peaceful dissent but said he wouldn’t take anything off the table when asked about the use of tear gas and other tactics. “I have a responsibility…to make sure that everybody walks out of this on the other end,” he said.

The grand jury isn’t expected to hear evidence in Brown’s case until mid-November, but St. Louis County Attorney Bob McCulloch said Tuesday night that its work could continue for several more weeks.


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