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NBC is going to try its hand at a Washington D.C. drama headed up by a Black woman. It worked for “Scandal;” why not “State Of Affairs”?

We’ve seen Black presidents and female presidents before, but “State of Affairs” may be the first network primetime show to feature a Black female president! Alfre Woodard is going to be the leader of the free world, President Constance Payton.

As the Commander In Chief, Constance handles an endless string of crisises, and she’s got a would-be family member at her side to do it! Alfre explained in an interview with NBC that Katherine Heigl will play her son’s would-be wife. Together, they’ll be fighting to take down the man they both loved so much.

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“We have these two women in a very powerful position to make sure that the American homeland stays as safe as possible in this day and age,” Alfre said. “Their call on something could stop a major catastrophe at any moment.”

Thankfully, NBC had the good sense not to pit “State of Affairs” against ABC’s #TGIT lineup featuring “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” Alfre’s not scared of a little competition, though.

She assured in conclusion, “I think this one will have people buzzing.” See if you agree with “State of Affairs” debuts November 17 on NBC!


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