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Nationwide Service!


First Text Free

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What is TextBehind:

TextBehind connects you with every inmate across America using text messages and photos. You can also send them money orders right from your mobile phone.

Signup TODAY! Get Instant Access!

Your incarcerated loved one will be able to send unlimited reply messages at no extra cost to you. We will deliver their letters to your smart phone and computer electronically.

Why use TextBehind:

·         Too busy to write letters

·         No time to print photos and go to the post office

·         Can’t afford high fees on sending money orders

With TextBehind, You can now stay connected with your incarcerated loved ones by sending and receiving text messages with photos and low cost money orders*.

It’s easy, fast and more affordable than ever before!


Community Impact of TextBehind


Reduce Recidivism


A tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior;

especially: relapse into criminal behavior

It is a generational issue.

An emotional separation caused by incarceration

and lack of communication.

The cycle of recidivism can only be broken

through education, economic opportunities and

keeping families connected.