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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at TIME 100's Event

Amy Schumer‘s recent KimYe prank should be dubbed “the fall seen ’round the world” – seriously, weeks later, people are still talking about it.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hit the TIME 100 Gala red carpet last month, and at their feet laid a groaning Amy.

While paying Jimmy Kimmel a visit, Schumer said of the red carpet atmosphere:

They’re like, ‘Stand here and look like a d–khead’ and you’re like, ‘Okay’

Amy also talked about why she decided to fall in front of KimYe:

“You feel like a girl at a party when a slightly hotter girl shows up behind you. It’s like a guy who just wants you to die – ‘Just die so I can talk to this hot girl’ – that’s how it felt,” she said.

“I’m doing an interview with someone, and they don’t want to talk to me; they’re all sweating and shaking because they don’t know who I am, they thought I was Adele.

Schumer says she smoothed things out once they got inside, stating that Kim was nice about the situation:

“Kim was kind of nice and then she looked at Kanye to see ‘what’s our vibe’, and you can see his vibe was like ‘I hope you die’.”

Schumer smoothed things over with them once inside, confessing that she is a “flake” when it comes to talking to “famous people”.

“I was like, ‘Kim I love you, your sisters inspire so many people, are you hiring at Dash [the Kardashian’s boutique]?’ I didn’t even know the dumb words coming out of my mouth.”

West remained indifferent to her comedic charms.

“Kanye was smiling, but he smiles like how you would program a robot to smile. This is what it’s like to be interrupted by a blonde white woman. Now he knows,” she said.

This woman is hilarious.

SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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