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The Michael Jordan crying meme has taken on a life of its own. What was once a heartfelt moment captured on film somehow turned into the go-to face for…well…anything. The meme has been seen in so many different instances it’d be impossible to name them all. A rep for Michael Jordan spoke on the meme once he found what was happening online.

“After seeing how often the Crying Jordan meme was used during Super Bowl 50—at one point, even Steph Curry used it—we reached out to a rep for MJ to try and find out how he feels about it being used. And to our surprise, we found that MJ actually enjoys the meme. “We think it’s funny,” a rep told Complex Sports. “Everyone seems to be having fun with it.”

Charles Oakley, however, said this wasn’t the case. “Oakley disputed the idea that Jordan likes the meme. “Nah, he don’t like it,” Oakley said.”

Now, there’s a couple of different ways this can be interpreted. For one, the rep could’ve been telling the truth or the rep could’ve been lying. There’s also a chance that the rep didn’t check with Michael before speaking on his behalf. On the other hand, Charles Oakley doesn’t seem like the type to care about PR stuff.

If I were a betting man, I’d take Charles Oakley’s word for it. The problem is, regardless of how Charles and Michael feel, the meme won’t be going anywhere.

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO: Twitter

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