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African American in Prison

A 70-year-old woman from Arkansas has been locked up for striking her granddaughter with a switch.

Norma Toussaint was arrested after getting into an argument with the 12-year-old girl this week, The Grio reports. She told police that Norma got mad and hit her in the arm several times with a switch, which was cut from a bush. Their argument started after the granddaughter hadn’t thrown her food away.

According to KLRT, authorities noticed the girl had welts on her arm and the switch had broken her skin when they were called to the house on June 27.

The grandmother, who has now been changed with second-degree domestic battery, claims she was disciplining the girl for talking back.

This is the second such arrest we’ve heard about in recent weeks.

On June 20, a Louisiana woman named Schaquana Spears was arrested after beating two of her sons (ages 10 and 12) with RCA cables for breaking into someone else’s home.

The boys sustained bruises, and the mother of six has since been charged with two counts of cruelty to juveniles. WGNO reports that as a result, she’s now lost her job as a chef at a restaurant and the rest of her kids have been taken from her.

Although Norma may have been extreme in disciplining her granddaughter, Schaquana was punishing her boys for trying to rob someone.

This raises an ethical question about how to discipline your children. Moreover, this calls into question the different standards that Black parents are held to as both women were arrested and charged for punishing their kids in a way that isn’t much different than how many adults were disciplined in their youth. How far is too far? Is it ever acceptable to hit your kids when correcting them about a major offense?

What do you think, beauties?



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