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Father Arrested For Involuntary Manslaughter, Left Twin Babies In Car That Died

A Georgia father of twin 16-month-old girls has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after his girls died from heat-related causes after being left in a car.

According to the WAFB News, Asa North was taken into custody Friday morning and was described as “frantic” by his neighbors who saw him trying to revive his daughters after they were left in the car for a long period of time.

“Actually one of the neighbors got some ice packs out of the freezer and carried it out there,” Capt. Chris Dobbs of the Carrollton Police Department told the news station. “What we believe is the father had left the children unattended in a vehicle for a certain amount of time. We don’t know that yet.”

While North was charged, police believe that the father didn’t intentionally leave his babies in the car, but it’s unknown what he was doing while they were in the car.

Sending our deepest condolences to the family. This is just horrible.

Say What?! Racist Rant Delivered To Texas Cable Viewers, Company Apologizes 

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Source: David Jakle / Getty

North Texas customers got a horrible surprise when they tuned in and saw a racist ad on their televisions.

According to WFAA News, the message that flashed across their screens to Charter Cable subscribers read, “F*** Black Lives Matter! 1488 Brought to you by Phreak of Nature Baby J and King Benji! All N****** Must Die!”


“When I first pulled it up I was like ‘what? what?,’” said April Taylor, a new Charter customer. “I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it. I was literally like what? This can’t be real.”

“I literally was physically shaking. I just don’t understand why?” she added.

The message included white supremacist and Nazi language.

Taylor wasn’t the only one horrified as numerous clients called the company to complain. This prompted Charter to delete the message and issue and apology

“We are aware that an abhorrent message briefly appeared on some set top boxes.  We apologize profusely to any of our customers who were subjected to it, and we are working to understand the cause,” Charter said in a statement to WFAA.

It’s still unknown who sent the messages.

NABJ 2016: Hillary Tells Black And Latino Journalists To Hold Her Accountable 

In a move to be more transparent and trustworthy, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently told journalists of color at a conference to “hold me accountable.”

On Friday afternoon, Clinton spoke with Black and Latino journalists at the conference for the National Associations of Black Journalists and Hispanic Journalists in Washington, DC.

“I want you to hold me accountable, because the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been in our lifetime,” Clinton told the audience.

According to Vox, during the Q&A section of her speech, the audience gave remarks and asked questions that stressed the concerns of Black and Latino communities, which included systemic racism, immigration, youth unemployment rates and investing in black- and Latino-owned small businesses.

“For me, these aren’t just systemic issues. These are a part of a long, continuing struggle for civil rights,” Clinton said.

She added, “We need to build an economy and a future that every American can be proud of and be a part of. An economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. That will be my mission as president.”

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked to speak but he declined.


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