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Cardi B is not here for your nap-and-kitchen shaming. The Love & Hip-Hop: New York star took to her Instagram page to let her 4.5M followers know what is on her mind.

The 2016 Rio Olympics have been extremely harsh on gymnast Gabby Douglas, with her being criticized for lacking patriotism to the way her edges looked while performing. She just can’t seem to catch a break! Well, Auntie Cardi of third wave feminism isn’t here to let the internet snatch the 20-year-old’s edges:

The rapper uploads a video of her after leaving the club, with her hair sweated out. She compares her post-club hair to the Black Olympian’s tresses.

“You know when we sweat our hair out, our kitchen start coming out, right? And it really disgusts me how a lot of you Black females and a lot of you Spanish females was coming at them saying their hair was not done. Their hair was done. It was brushed. The problem was that they sweated out. And this is what happens to our hair when it sweats out,” Cardi said.

She then goes in on the people who are always claiming “Black lives matter,” yet don’t support these Olympic athletes and their physical strife.

“If Black lives matter to y’all so much, then Black looks, Afro looks, should matter to y’all, too,” Cardi continued.

She highlights the bigger problem of European beauty standards that have been imposed on Western culture.

“Y’all are so used to us perming our motherf*cking hair, y’all not letting us love our real f*cking hair. And this is what comes with it. This is what comes with our coarse hair,” she added.

She ends the video by playing with her hair, claiming, “I’m not even going to call it nappy. This is strong hair. When I get into a fight and b*tches pull my hair, this shit don’t come out. Ya hear me?”

We hear ya, Cardi. School ’em.

SOURCE: Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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