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Yes, Seriously.

Soccer legend and the fine David Beckham set Instagram on fire by performing a set of push-ups, on a piano, with wine and in some tight euro-cut underwear. A collective YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS” was yelled out as soon as the video hit. Now yes, Beckham is looking very scrumptious in the video but it is for a very serious reason.

The #22PushupChallenge is meant to honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment. Studies show 22 veterans and first responders commit suicide a day… Not a month or year but a day. You must do 22 push-up’s in once set a day for 22 days so ladies, we got 20 more days to go!

So as fine and sexy Beckham is on that piano, we commend him for spreading awareness to such an amazing cause.

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