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So let’s talk about this.

A Baltimore teacher has been immediately terminated after her outburst went viral. She starts by putting a student out of the class. Upon returning to her disruptive class, she starts with the insults:

There are so many angles to break down this video footage:

  1. Glad she got terminated. We don’t need teachers who can’t find the right words to control or get through to her students. Teachers, as well as parents, are supposed to be leaders. If that’s how you choose to lead, you need to re-evaluate your career path.
  2. She should have NEVER touched him. Grabbing a student by the collar, yelling at him to get out – unnecessary. Please review your Teacher’s Manual about how to keep your hands, feet and all other objects to yourself.
  3. N-word usage. For the umpteenth time, that word is not appropriate. It’s simple – don’t use it. We don’t need to go to great lengths to trail the word’s connotation; we’ve been here before.
  4. Students: School is for learning. Not sure what the students did to get called “idiots” and “n——” (nothing they could have done warranted her response), but let’s focus and get your education.
  5. Let’s not focus too much on the bigotry. Do you think we focus a lot of energy on what others think and say about us? Our culture? I refuse to take a step backwards and allow ignorance prevail. Keep uplifting one another.

We’re not “idiots” and “n——“. Never have been. Never will be. Stay focused.

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