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The Cosby Show

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For eight seasons of The Cosby ShowPhylicia Rashad brought the character of Clair Hanks Huxtable into our homes and eventually our hearts.

The Cosby Show

Source: NBC / Getty

Now, an iconic role in American television, Clair is often considered the mom that everyone wished they had. Clair maintained a successful law career while mothering five children, and it wasn’t always easy.

In honor of the legendary Phylicia Rashad, speaking at Transformation Expo 2017 we’ve gathered some of our favorite Clair Huxtable moments!

1. Clair sings “I Just Called to Say I Love You” with Stevie Wonder!

2. Clair struggles through a terrible leg cramp.

3. Clair goes off on Vanessa and her friends for a very provocative performance.

4. Clair hopes to lose weight so she decides to hit the gym. Rashad’s sister Debbie Allen guest stars as a hilarious exercise instructor.

5. Vanessa gets caught lying about where she’s been.

6. Claire tells Elvin a thing or two about his macho attitude.

7. Vanessa gets caught wearing makeup.

8. Sondra and Elvin plan to abandon their career paths to open a wilderness store.

9. Denise wants to use her money to buy a car, regardless of her parent’s approval.

10. Vanessa finds herself in hot water after sneaking off to Baltimore for “big fun.”

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