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On Tuesday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said he was ending plainclothes policing aka (knockers) in the city. He ordered 46 officers back into uniformed patrol from the centralized intelligence unit. This comes one week after 7 Baltimore officers were arrested on federal indictments.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Baltimore Police Commissioner is ending plainclothes policing aka (knockers) in the city. Do you agree or disagree? via IG and Twitter

whthershey209 I agree all officers should be in uniform.

iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 yes, the really aren’t making any progress on keeping the streets clean, I really believe there working with the Drug dealers

murphyhomesjoey Should have been dismantled that crooked ass division… they been terrorizing the hood since the projects was up.. Good job top cop 👮🏻lls

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Well it’s about time. It’s a start in the right direction. Many unofficial lockups and many #Deaths but at least it’s a Great! start.

misslenajames I agree . I think our crime rate is in part to bad cops . Shout out to the good cops.

jdenise4 Only time will tell. Hopefully it will help with the amount of homicides and non-fatal shootings having more officers on patrol. Even though it really starts with the people in the community.

followthed j Really … We got better things to change than police clothes. Change something that matters in real life.

og_mac73 Won’t change a thing 💯💯

msfabulous38 Cool either way…

waynedaasshole I guess that will change that officer mind-set. I’m sure commissioner could have made a bigger change then that. But he got the response he was looking for. A little week of attention…. Smh

hamburgha365 Knockers will always be around. Just less of them.

chuckstarr39 Change the entire force…change the training…change the laws.

mrs_rich1andonly No i think its ridiculous…. Wats in place

rokstarr2 It won’t happen too many dirty undercover

gorgeous_nique I agree it’s a great idea they aren’t right


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