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The Drake vocals are in!

DJ Khaled released his latest single, and the track list from the Grateful album. Drake is the leading voice to the Cool & Dre credited song “To The Max”, but from what I do know, the song was duplicated from South Florida producer, Jay O, and his 2014 smash, “Get Em Right”.

The chopped-samples inside the song come from the hands of legendary, Jersey Club producer, DJ Jayhood. If you’re fond of Jersey Club music, this song was a HIT in 2008 & obviously never lost it’s relevance.

Remixes on top of remixes, the original is here! In 2007, British producer T2 created “Heartbroken” featuring Jodie. The Fader reached out to the originators of the record:

T2 said he was asked by Khaled’s team if they could sample the song three weeks ago. He says he agreed but hadn’t officially signed anything to approve the sample. “That was a bit of a surprise,” he said of hearing the song. “I was not aware it was going to come out. I need to speak to people there [his publishers Sony/ATV] to get a clearer picture.”
However, T2 is a fan of “To The Max” saying: “It’s a good thing to bring U.K. music to life. I’m a big fan of Drake.” The producer added that, ironically, he was alerted to the song’s release by his friend Kyla, whose “Do You Mind” Drake sampled on “One Dance.”

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