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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Love and Hip-Hop Miami is here!

First we’re introduced to Amara La Negra, a Dominicana who is repping for the Afro-Latinas. She’s dark-skinned, wears a massive Afro and is obviously proud of who she is. She is showing that Latinas are diverse, but it’s obvious that her looks is going to be an issue, especially when she meets up with a producer named Young Hollywood. He’s interested in working with her musically, but then starts trash talking about grooming her look. Ya’ll, he plays himself to high heaven by telling her that her Afro isn’t elegant and that she needs to be more Beyonce and less Macy Gray. Pero like…Beyonce wears Afros sometimes.


Anyway, he really tries it when he tells her to figure out if she’s Latina or Black as if Afro-Latina isn’t a real identity. She tells him she’s proud of herself and that she feels some type of way about his slick comments. He then tries to gaslight her by calling her aggressive and psychotic as if she’s the problems. His microaggressions toward her are on 100 (seriously, his behavior toward her is really gross). This conversation is not cute and Young Hollywood is colorist, racist trash. Based on clips we’re shown, it’s only going to get worse. Unfortunately, many people of color, especially in the music industry, feel the way Young Hollywood do about darker skinned people, which is sad. I don’t expect Love and Hip-Hop Miami to efficiently address the colorism that’s rampant in the Afro-Latinx community or even Afro-Latinx identity for that matter, but Amara La Negra’s presence and pride is appreciated. Some little chocolate girl somewhere needs to see her. Amara La Negra = Amara THE BLACK Girl. BOOM!


Gunplay is on the cast. He beat his charges and no longer has to go to jail and he’s back in Miami after spending some time in Atlanta. His situation is that he has a serious girlfriend who is nervous about him being back in Miami because she doesn’t want him to fall back into his cheating ways, particularly when it comes to Miami Tip (also known as Tip Drill, the stripper who inspired that Nelly song). Gunplay claims he changed his cheating ways, but we know what franchise this is.


And then we see Buckeey Shay Johnson, from Flavor of Love and also Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta (she dated Scrappy for a hot sec). She has decided to move to Miami to be with her boo, Pleasure P. Pleasure P has decided to get back with Pretty Ricky and she’s not too happy about that.

Then we get to Bobby Lytes. He’s a flamboyant rapper who is openly gay so he’ll carry that storyline. His goal is the change the game by allowing people to see that his sexuality has nothing to do with his talent. But come to find out, Bobby is Trina’s cousin.

Speaking of TRINA!!!!!!!!! Her intro on this show finds her performing “Nann” with Trick Daddy at a white party. Bobby crashes the party and Trina is not happy to see him. Bobby says Trina doesn’t support his career but he supports her. Trina says that he’s too much drama and cites an incident when he got into it with her assistant. Bobby immediately starts acting a’fool after she tells him this and we see what she’s talking about. Not to mention that he showed up to the white party not even wearing all white.


Back to Pleasure P and Pretty Ricky…

They’re trying to get back together, but they still don’t get along and it doesn’t help when Shay comes into the mix. She shows up after a performance of theirs and starts throwing shots at the other guys and they give it right back to her. The source of her animosity is that she feels they did Pleasure P dirty in the past. Pleasure P just wishes she had stayed home instead of showing up to start trouble. She’ll probably blame this on editing later, but she is coming off as the aggressor. The irony is, she yelled at them claiming they have no careers and that they’re trying to come up on Pleasure P’s back.


This is us trying to figure out what Shay is actually known for outside of chasing Flavor Flav and Scrappy.


Never forget.


Anyway, you know folks gotta do what they have to do to keep a storyline going.


The episode wraps with Trina and her assistant agree meeting up with Tip Drill Miami Tip for lunch. Tip brings Bobby along not realizing what’s about to happen. Bobby and Trina’s assistant go at it immediately. Trina attempts to get them to squash it, and it all goes left when Bobby throws hands at the assistant.

Trina pulls him aside and tells him that he needs to tone it down. It seems like he’s jealous of anyone in Trina’s circle and feels like he should get respect despite not giving it. He is completely not getting Trina’s message, which is she’ll continue to play him to the left if he doesn’t act right. He better be happy she’s throwing him this bone because he probably wouldn’t be on Love and Hip-Hop Miami without her!

So far so good. We’ll be back at it next week.


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