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The real is back. The ‘Ville is back — and J. Cole‘s highly anticipated surprise album KOD is all that.


This isn’t your average body of work, loaded with a bunch of trendy beats and obvious singles. It’s Cole music, which means you’d have to appreciate clever puns, storytelling and dope bars to digest it.

Fortunately for the ladies, KOD is flooded with tracks that’ll have all the girls saying “I felt that.”



Check out a few quotables from the album that can also be fire IG captions and subtweets.

She my number one I don’t need nothing on the side – “Kevin’s Heart”


I know the punishment for you is that you not with me – “The Cut Off”


N**** actin’ woke, but they broke — “1985”


All a n**** know is how to f*** a good thing up – “Kevin’s Heart”


I think you mastered the art of sublime / Your type is harder to find/ You could turn water to wine, yeah – “Photograph”


I had to cut some people off ’cause they was using me / My heart is big I want to give too much – “The Cut Off”


My ego get stroked and I bruise her / My actions I know they confuse her – ” Kevin’s Heart”


Meditate. Don’t medicate.“FRIENDS”


I don’t even know your name / Wonder if you’ll follow back – “Photograph”


So Ima see you when I see you, know that day coming. I pray that on that day you slip and say something – “The Cut Off”


It’s gonna be a Cole summer — better bundle up.


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