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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Four

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Empire picks up with Cookie is still on bed rest, but still looking for Pound Cake’s daughter. Luckily for her, Thirsty has big news. Pound Cake’s daughter is studying ballet at NYU. Cookie wastes no time going to visit the young woman. However, she can’t bring herself to tell her about her biological mother. Instead, Cookie tells her that she’s interested in having her dance for Tiana and invites her to a rehearsal. It works, obvi.


Thirsty and Lucious confront Eddie again and ask why he tried to rob them. Eddie starts talking yang about how the deal was going to make them all rich. Once again, trying to finesse them.


Lucious wants Eddie to sign some release forms and be on his way, otherwise, they’ll drop dime on his insider trading scams. However, Eddie, being the con artist that he is, made sure nothing is traceable to him. All stocks are in his ex-wives’ names. Eddie snaked his way around this one for now, but Lucious is no quitter. He resolves to handle Eddie a different way.

That could go a lot of ways. Hopefully, they don’t kill him.


Tori Ash and Tiana have singles in number 1 spots and generally broke records that the Lyon boys haven’t yet. They both also worked with Eddie so you already know he’s capitalizing on this. He called a special announcement and performance at Leviticus, just to be petty. And to make things worse, Edna, one of Empire’s board members, mentions to Lucious that she’s having dinner with Eddie soon to float the idea of him sticking around.

All that means for Lucious is game on.


Next, we see Eddie and Edna preparing to chat, but then Eddie’s three ex-wives crash the party. They already don’t like each other, of course, and they think he’s on a date with Edna so it all comes tumbling down after that. They demand to know how they’re going to recoup the money he stole from them. Edna is not with the drama and tells him they can talk when he gets it together. Then we cut to Lucious’ shady gaze because you know he set all this up.

Eddie’s new move is to make an ally, so now he has his sight set on Shyne. Eddie starts slick talking and gassing Shyne up. You know, he’s telling him the right things about how he can get him some power. Shyne seems to be interested and even invites him to a studio session with that new white rapper he has been peddling. Hold tha thought though.

Pound Cake’s daughter shows up to what she thinks is a rehearsal with Tiana. She’s super excited until Tiana shows up and is stank as hell. Tiana is just like, um, whet…


Cookie arrives at the tail end of Tiana’s shut down and finally just tells the young woman about her mother. Of course, the young woman just thinks her mother is a crackhead murderer and wants no parts of it. Cookie paints a more flattering picture, but the ballerina doesn’t want to hear it. Instead, she says that Pound Cake is already dead to her and that Cookie can kick rocks too.


Later on, Cookie visits Pound Cake on her deathbed and doesn’t have the heart to tell her what happened. Instead, she said she’s still searching. Pound Cake is heartbroken, but Cookie asks her to tell her what she wants her daughter to know and writes the message down.


Back to Shyne’s studio session. Surprisingly, Shyne decides not to be a snake so you can imagine Eddie’s surprise when Lucious steps out. Shyne says he saw how fast Eddie sold Lucious out and decided to stick with the devil he knows. Bloop. Lucious tells Eddie that he’s playing with fire. Eddie says he taught Lucious and that it’s just as dangerous to push him around.


Later on, Cookie and Lucious call Eddie to another meeting. They pull out more shady thing from Eddie’s past, like back when he had his own record label and he gave a drug addict artist drugs, which lead to that artist committing suicide. That’s just one of many. Cookie tells him that if he doesn’t want the truth to come out then he needs to sign their termination agreement and stay away from Empire. Eddie signs it claiming he “can’t say no to Cookie.” But we know it’s not that easy.

Finally, the episode concludes with Eddie enlisting the help of a new ally. It’s Anika. She says there’s a clause in her custody agreement that gives her control of Bella’s stake in Empire so she’s down to help Eddie steal Empire if she can be CEO aka she still hasn’t learned her lesson about messing with the Lyon clan.



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