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Part two of the Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 7 reunion is a lot more chill than last week. Speaking of last week, we do pick up from when Tommie and Spice almost came to blows, but you know the security crew cut that out early. What we can take away from this is that Tommie and Spice’s relationship is over. Duh! But on a serious note, Tommie has a hard time owning her part in why Spice feels some type of way about her. That doesn’t stop Spice keeps it all the way real with Tommie. She tells Tommie that she has a nasty attitude and that people are constantly skirting around it instead of telling her about herself, which enables her bad behavior. Tommie is still saying that Spice was just trying to make look bad. Riiiight…showing up late to rehearsals and attacking producers and everyone around you is actually what makes you look bad. Spice probably regrets working with Tommie but the good news is, Spice had and still has a poppin’ career so she’ll be fine. Tommie can join the struggle list of all the “artists” on this show who are forever working on music but never have anything to show for it.


Tokyo Vanity is on the couch and they discuss her situation with Tabius, of course. They address the rumor that Tabius and Karlie Redd smashed despite them denying that. Tabius said he was a model in Karlie’s video and dassit. Hold up, did you know that Karlie Redd had a video out? Anyway, they’re firm in their stance that it was platonic. It’s all good though because Tokyo Vanity and Tabius are good. Tokyo does have a moment where she goes off on Keely, though. Tabius knows Keely because he was an artist on her company so Keely used this moment to call Tabius a liar. Basically, she was trying to sow seeds of doubt with regard to the Karlie Redd rumor but again, Tokyo and Tabius are good. Hopefully Tokyo Vanity comes back next season. She’s a sweetheart and seems genuine (which is refreshing given what show this is).

The next exciting thing that happens is Momma Dee gracing us with her presence. They discuss her new body (which we saw on the show) and how she annoyed tf out of Scrappy and Bambi by telling everyone their pregnancy news even though they asked her not to. It’s all love though. Scrappy isn’t mad at his zany mama and Bambi has learned to love her.


Finally, the reunion wraps up with a reel of some of the greatest moments from the season. They basically tried to throw some positivity in there and that’s a wrap. Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is back next week with the ratchets from the Left Coast.


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