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This week should be marked as the week of Animal Owner’s who deserve to hold L’s.

In Cairo, Egypt allegedly at the Cairo’s International Garden there is a donkey that was painted black and white to appear as zebra. However, this plan is not fooling many people, and many pictures have surfaced even detailing the smudged paint marks on the donkey. Despite a denial from the zoo, many people are not convinced that this new wildlife is actually what it appears to be.

Across the world, in Washington D.C., while police were carrying out a search warrant for a resident, they found a 4-5 foot year old alligator in the basement. The alligator was immediately removed and taken to an appropriate environment. According to WTOP, “A second search warrant executed on Thursday turned up six adult dogs and six puppies. The dogs had signs and scars consistent with dog fighting and chronic neglect”. The dogs were taken to an undisclosed location for veterinary care.

Mistreatment and cruelty to animals for the benefit of human pleasure or gain is never acceptable.