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Ever heard of Touch Therapy? It’s nothing new. But have you ever heard of cuddling with a stranger or your therapist?

Jasmine Siemon, a professional cuddler, is renting out a small office space in a business park in Germantown, Maryland.

When you walk into the office it feels more like a spa with light music playing and a steaming diffuser to calm the mood.

A twin-sized bed accompanied by blankets and throw pillows and an oversized stuffed animal just in case. This bed is used for well, cuddling. This therapy is growing in popularity and available right here in the DMV.

Siemon has been in the cuddling business for about three years and loves it more each day.

“What initially was a side thing that I was doing became my main job because I could see the benefits within myself and saw the benefits happening with my clients. It helps relax people. It helps them feel.”

If you’re interested, there are a handful of expert cuddler on Cuddlist.     

The website connects those who need or want nonsexual touch therapy with a paid cuddler in a judgement free space. One session can range between  $80-$100, which is about the price of a typical massage.

Siemon recommends two hours for first timers because it is an intimate process.

Happy Cuddling DMV!

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