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KoraTheArtist – ‘Odyssey’ | EP Review |

R&B songstress, KoraTheArtist was born in North Carolina and relocated to the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. in her early years. While attending the University of Maryland, she began to take music seriously as a professional R&B artist and hasn’t stopped since. This phenomenal artist has been on a wave of good fortune and just newly released her impressive R&B EP ‘Odyssey’.

The word Odyssey according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is a “long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune.” also meaning “An intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest.”

When listening to Odyssey you’re able to relate and discover more of who KoraTheArtist is. Across the EP, you pick up on her self-affection, confidence, and determination as an artist moreover, a human. Her use of melodies and versatility among tempos, can leave you nodding your head to the beat or wishing the song never ended. Not only can you grasp KoraTheArtist’s cultural identity, but you’re able to hear empowering spoken-word/short conversations at the beginning of songs leading into the theme. Odyssey in all is a unique, fresh, and moving work of art.

“Discourse” is the first song you hear on Odyssey and is also one of the fan favorites. On this song, KoraTheArtist addresses and sings about the frustration when it comes to communication in a relationship. “Yeah, I hear what you’re trying to say/ And there are times I lose my patience.” This piece is lighthearted but also identifies the key component that can destroy and/or keep a relationship together, communication.

She also honors black woman with a black girl Anthem titled “Black Magic Shii”. In this song, KoraTheArtist celebrates the beauty and symbolization of a black girl. “I know that I have a crown on my head/ Don’t touch my crown/ My crown is a symbol of resilience/ That is a symbol of hope/ Don’t touch my crown/ That Is a celebration of beauty…” With sass and grace, Kora makes it clear to not touch her hair and expresses her devotion to her culture and glorious radiant melanin skin. It’s safe to say, you should refrain from asking to touch Kora’s hair and don’t ask twice. However, she just might say yes to a feature.

Odyssey features multiple DMV artists ranging from MannyWellz to Funsho. On her song “Selfish”, KoraTheArtist features singer/rapper K’ron (Kronismusic) creating an exemplary duet. The lyrics in “Selfish” represents the modern-day characteristics of a woman who isn’t putting a man first. She makes it clear to her audience as a woman you must be selfish to not suffer in the end. “I Know your eyes when you think that I’m playin/ That smile on your face because you think that I’m staying/ But, I’m too selfish.” In all, this song produces an effect to know your worth and to love yourself before loving someone who isn’t worthy. You can check out the additional featured artists across her songs “Eye of the Tiger”, “Underrated”, and “Fearless”.

KoraTheArtist EP “Odyssey” is available on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and Amazon Music. Keep up with KoraTheArtist with the following below!

Instagram: @KoraTheArtist

Twitter: @AntoniaKora

Facebook: KoraTheArtist

-Written by Dejah Moné