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Katrina Parrott with idiversicon emojis

Source: BreAnna Holmes / Radio One Digital

Do you remember when emojis first came on the scene? Little icons that could display the emotions you were feeling without having to type it all out. It was fun using those yellow faces and figures but then it was like okay, nevermind this actually doesn’t represent me. Katrina Parrott’s daughter coming home with that feeling is what sparked her to create emojis that really represented and looked like us, human beings. She called them iDiversicons and they were a hit! She was the first to create 5 different skin tones within the emojis and create emojis of people with disabilities. You’re probably saying yes the diverse complexions we see and love but why aren’t the Disability emojis on our keyboards as well?! Katrina joined Angie to share her story of what happened between her pitching this idea to Apple and them just taking it years later.


This story means even more to Jordan because Katrina Parrott is his Aunt. Below are his thoughts on her as a entrepreneur and someone he loves…

“I’m so proud of my aunt and her accomplishments and how she never stopped bringing awareness to the origin of something that we use everyday… She’s a superwoman!”