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I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this image floating around on Instagram the past 24 hours. You know, the one where a clear copy-and-paste “Instagram does not have my permission to share photos or messages” image appears and someone warns you about it and tells Instagram off?


Yeah, the clearly fake notice has gone viral, pretty much showing us that a) nobody reads the terms and conditions and b) we’re officially in the Facebook game of sharing things without doing a lick of research. It’s the FaceApp saga all over again, only this time the Russians didn’t do it!

The post spread like wildfire, prompting Instagram’s brand communication manager Stephanie Otway to release a statement having to dispute the very bogus post. There’s no truth to this post,” Otway said.

Even if you took the time to read the hoax, you’d notice that these kinds of things have been floating around on social media for years and were even debunked then. Nevertheless, celebrities from across the board shared it. At least a few like John Mayer decided to have fun with it.



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