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Source: Sony / Marvel

Ever since red Annie wig rocking Woody Harrelson appeared as serial killer Cletus Kasady during a mid-credit’s scene in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff film, Venom, fans knew that Venom’s evil offspring symboite Carnage was bound to be the sequels main villain. But now word is getting out that the highly anticipated sequel will be adding another Spider-Man supervillain into the fold, Shriek.


According to Deadline, two sources close to Venom 2’s production have leaked that the homicidal female antagonist is set to wreck havoc in the Venom-verse alongside Carnage in the Andy Serkis directed sequel.

One of Spider-Man’s lesser known villains, Shriek made her debut in 1993’s Spider-Man: Unlimited Vol. 1 as the criminally insane mutant named Frances Louise Barrison who has the ability to manipulate sound, take flight, and shoot energy beams out her hands. Eventually Shriek became Carnage’s boo thang so you can expect that to play some kind of role in the film as well. Being that Sony doesn’t have the right to use the term “mutant” in their Marvel related films it should be interesting to see what route they go with to explain her supernatural powers.

Though the character is said to be included in the film the role has yet to be filled.

The casting process is underway but so far the field of candidates for the Shriek role has been expanding, not narrowing. “Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses,” one source said, adding that the filmmakers are “looking mostly at unknowns right now.”

Though news of this new villain is welcome to Marvel fans who follow the Spidey verse wherever it goes, what everyone’s really waiting on is to see if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man makes that much rumored cameo in Venom 2. Tom Hardy sent those rumors into overdrive when he teased some kind of MCU crossover on IG when he posted a pic of himself decked out in the Iron Spider custom Spider-Man rocked in Avengers: Infinity War. After the internet went nuts he removed the post.

After all that drama that went down between Sony and Marvel of the use of Spider-Man on film you’d think the deal worked out would include Spidey in the Venom-verse or Venom in the MCU. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out which one will win out.

Venom 2 is set to hit theaters some time in 2020.

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