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With the turning of the new decade, I was given the austerity to reflect on the becoming of my adulthood as a man in this generation. In the faith of the last ten years, I thought about what most relationships go through with their successes, failures, and confusions of them. The consistent theory of “Divine Polarization” had appeared multiple times as I reflected on the trend of rappers becoming more feminine with their expressions in art, and the contrast of women displaying more masculine roles in our industry and government. The depolarization of society is evident while feminism roared through topic discussions throughout the 2000s, and men were forced to adapt to it. As unfortunate as I make it seem, I’d like to expound on the reality of our generation’s condition with dual-polarization of our divine sexuality. With that being said, in the following essay, I speak of it in the general theory of our relationships. I use pronouns from my point of view of her – him – she – he, but whether you’re engaged in heterosexual relationships, bisexual and/or homosexual relationships, you can relate to the idea.

In general speaking, 80% of intimate relationships consist of the Men with masculine energy, and their female companion with feminine energy. Like the negative and positive sides of a magnet – you will always be attracted to your sexual reciprocal. The polarization of these energies is important in a relationship because that’s what attracts each other at its core. Although both genders possess the qualities of masculine and feminine energy, it’s in our core design, our DNA, to have a dominant side.

With feminine energy, the human corresponds to their sexuality, sensitivity, vulnerability, creativity and the ability to be okay with having feelings. Flowing in free form like water in nature, feminine energy is encouraged immediately by emotions and impulses. Also known as the “Being Mode” feminine energy is receptive to receiving, intuitive feelings, and the composition of internalizing. In contrast, the masculine energy will be the polarized opposite, which in fact attracts the feminine energy.

With masculine energy, the human is responsible for taking action. Unlike the feminine energy that has innocent, yielding, vulnerable and indecisive qualities, the masculine energy must have the ability to decide. More so, the qualities of masculine energy include logistics, rationality, strength, and leadership. If feminine energy were like nature, water and air flowing in the multiple directions of wherever life takes them, masculine energy would be more like concrete. It isn’t odd to find women with masculine energy, and men with feminine energy in today’s society. People of that divine energy core make up 10%.

The masculine man can expect from a woman who really turns him on will be relatively wild, undisciplined, chaotic, prone to changing her mind, and lying. From an energetic perspective, this type of woman will be more healing and inspiring than a neutrally balanced woman. A woman of a neutral core is steadier, reasonable, trustworthy, and able to say things in the ways he truly understands. From my understanding, the more neutral or balanced a man is, the more he will prefer his woman to be neutral or balanced. A balanced woman does not create difficulty, frustrations, contradictions, or allegories. Although a man loves and prefers to be around this type of woman, they do not arouse the man’s passion as the woman who’s words they don’t trust, and the excitement of her irrationals. In balanced relationships, couples can practically talk about anything; they like talking about everything: hobbies, friends, and career goals. This kind of couple is usually less sexual than highly polarized couples. Divine neutral energy has created the friend-zone.

After hardships, in past relationships I’ve invested in, my efforts to develop neutrality in the women had backfired and created the opposite of my intentions. The goal had been to start over, or go back to where there were no difficulties in the relationship – but in that effort, there became a lack of intimacy and arousal. Through lack of understanding, I had depolarized my partner and myself into a relationship that seems neutral. The statistical fact is only 10% of couples are truly neutral at its core. Not being who we have created the demise of our natural human polarizations, which ended the relationship with the anguish of thinking “they changed.” She didn’t change, I changed; while I forced her to adapt to my comfort, she neglected her divine energy.

I became numb to dealing with the acts that irritated me: her craziness, and rationalizing emotional outbursts – I had learned not to take them too seriously. The “excitement” of the relationship became the norm. In retrospect, the correct ways would have been to cultivate and rejuvenate the woman and ultimately remind me of her feminine blessings. Feminine women are connected with the elements of nature in ways men aren’t, simply, they are free of the masculine need to live in a world governed by reason and control.

In conclusion, this piece was made for you to think about your role in society vs your personal relationships. The contrast of what our careers force our counterparts to be, then what their intimate relationships require them to be. It makes sense that in the workplace women must subdue their divine feminine to avoid the unwanted sexual stigma, or attraction, from masculine co-workers; their remedy has been to “man up!” or dial-up what they know of their masculine energy. As for men, they’re required to subdue their masculine intentions of naturally directing, or being attracted to their divine polar by neutralizing their energy as well. I challenge the perception of operating relationships like businesses and encourage lovers to relinquish their career roles as soon as they step inside their homes. I encourage intimate lovers to their natural divine energies for the best of each other.