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Ari Lennox has had her foot on our necks ever since the day she first stepped on the scene and every now and then our good sis reminds us just how popping she really is. While she’s usually known for rocking her natural coils and curls, the “Shea Butter Baby” singer has recently had the internet in a frenzy over her new hairdo: a long, jet black lace front wig. While Ari certainly looks gorgeous in whatever hairstyle she rocks, her new look seems to have garnered her a little extra attention in the social space, causing some fans to question whether people are just now noticing the singer’s beauty only because she’s ditched the natural vibes and gone for a more “traditional” look.

Some fans praised the new ‘do tweeting in defense of Ari saying that she’s beautiful with her natural hair and wigs. 

While others blatantly called out the change, citing how fans never realized her natural beauty until she started rocking straight hair.


The online chatter became so intense that it caused Ari, whose real name is Courtney Shanade Salter, to take to her Instagram Story make a statement, shutting down the haters and reminding them that no matter what style she wears, she’s still “natural Courtney.”

“Reminding people of the sick things people use to say about me is counterproductive,” the singer wrote on Friday, May 21. “It’s not kind, even though you may think you mean well. I’ve always loved lacefronts. I love that I’m no longer afraid to try new styles. I love these protective styles which will promote stronger healthier hair. I’m still natural Courtney. Just a natural Courtney embracing new things and growing.”

In a separate story, the R&B star urged fans to be “mature” and “learn to shut up, observe and learn.” She added, “You start poppin out more and genuinely feel happy and good about you and people want to diminish the love and think piece you to death. Im not some science project.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Check out her statements below.


And if that wasn’t enough to shut the haters up, we’ll just leave this tweet here.

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