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We know you’ve seen it by now — you know, that viral video of rapper Metro Marrs getting arrested at his graduation for throwing $10,000 into the crowd and “inciting a riot.” Very wild, but also a very smart marketing plan!

The Morning Hustle crew definitely had to get to the bottom of this, so the team decided to invite this clever young homie to the studio for his very first on-air interview.


Based off Marrs’ recollection himself, the moment was simply to give back to his Class of 2021 peers, telling TMH exclusively, “I was just trying to share the love to the seniors and give back, because we’ve been in the pandemic for, like, over a year so we really ain’t been able to see each other.” In regards to how his parents felt about the whole ordeal, well, they were ready to go to war for their young scholar. “My dad [was] right here next to me [and] next to the police and stuff,” he said with a bit of a laugh, further adding, “he was right there cursing them out and stuff.”

Ma dukes apparently doesn’t play either, as he also added, “My mom too [was] finna beat them up!”

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Of course, it all ended up rather well for the overnight teen rap sensation, especially with all the press he’s been receiving. It all seems to be working towards great promo for his upcoming album under Quality Control titled Popular Loner. The project features a song called “Don’t Need Much” that Marrs was even able to recited a few bars off during his one-on-one with The Morning Hustle crew.

Enjoy The Morning Hustle‘s full interview with Metro Marrs below, and look out for new music from the young star on June 18 when his album Popular Loner officially drops:

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