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Rapper Coi Leray is tired of having to defend her petite frame to the masses – and we don’t blame her. In a series of tweets, the 24-year-old Boston-native questioned why the internet is constantly discussing her body.

One of the worst things we can do, is shame someone for the body they were born in. Because we live in a world where woman can address their insecurities with plastic surgery, there is a warped perception of how women actually look. The internet is clearly divided on what they deem acceptable because they often will persecute a woman for getting a BBL before shaming her into thinking she needs one.

I can go through all the reasons body shaming is completely wrong. I can dissect all of the emotional trauma that it causes a person when they’re constantly told their body is less than perfect. Pointing out an obvious character trait that YOU feel is an insecurity is both mean and disrespectful. Coi Leray had a small frame for 24 years. Despite what the public thinks, she has to wake up every day and choose to love the skin she’s in.

The world’s obsession with other people’s body is what birthed the body positive movement. Women are shamed for being too big, for being too small, for being too curvy, or for not being curvy enough. I firmly believe it’s a woman’s choice to alter her body, but it shouldn’t be caused by the pressure of society’s unattainable beauty standards. If the world were less critical of real bodies, maybe people would feel more inclined to love and accept what God gave them. What if, instead of shaming women for how they looked, we told them they are beautiful just the way they are?


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