Cardi B took to Instagram to reveal the secret to her long, healthy hair.

A brand new episode of “Hot Ones” debuted today featuring three-time Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, Lizzo. Watch inside.

Why has sparking up the grill and throwing a cookout become such a huge part of our culture?

Viewed as one of the savviest business minds in Hip-Hop, the Bay Area boss retrieves more revenue with the launch of his new Goon With The Spoon ice cream brand.

Pusha T collaborated with Arby's to drop a spicy diss track aimed at a competitor.

Celebrity News

Chris Brown Selling Limited Edition Box Of Cereal   Chris Brown is expanding his brand into the food industry with his own limited edition cereal!   The ‘Loyal’ singer has teamed up with SoFlo Snack to create his very own ‘BREEZY COSMIC CRUNCH.’ Starting tomorrow fans will be able to preorder the cereal for $23.99! […]


Why Thanksgiving Will Cost A Little More This Year   With Thanksgiving only three weeks away, keep in mind those families that may not be able to afford a turkey this holiday season!   It’s no secret that food prices are rising. The consumer price index indicated that the price of food has risen 5.4% […]

News & Gossip

Waffle House Worker Pulls Gun Out Over Cheese Eggs   Is it ever this serious? A customer says a Waffle House employee in Atlanta pulled a gun on him over cheese eggs.     According to the customer, Cady Franklin, “It all happened over cheese eggs. At first, they didn’t bring them to me. Then […]


Before tearing through your next fast food order, be sure to carefully inspect the meal for a shot at financial gain. The world is full of people willing to pay top-dollar for rare, odd or novelty items. Case in point: A recent online auction for a single chicken nugget sold for $99,997.00 U.S. Dollars. || RELATED: […]