Angie Ange caught up with Jumoke Jackson, Danita Claytor, and Duane Cheers, founders of 'Everything Legendary' a vegan burger restaurant after their winning pitch with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank...

Being from PG County, Mayland herself, Angie Ange was excited and proud of fellow "pretty girl county" native, Tamara Jade. In this interview, we get to know Tamara Jade and how her experience on 'The Voice' is going.

  December 1st was World AIDs day and The Morning Hustle wanted to share sin be facts to bring the needed continuous awareness within our community. Please listen to full video above. Find out more about where you can get tested and treatment for AIDs and HIV.

Markuann Smith speaks with Angie Ange about the 18-year journey it’s been to get the “Godfather of Harlem” series out to the public. After so many nos, who wouldn’t think to give up? But Markuann made a promise to a lady he is happy to call his Godmother, Margret Johnson, “She use to tell me […]

Our white house correspondent Geoff Bennett checks in to give us an update on impeachment and what will happen while they are on break for Thanksgiving. He also shares what happened with all the money promised to HBCUs and other institutions that serve people of color. Angie encourages again to “get out and vote”, we […]

  College is Cool but that debt, definitely isn’t! So many people graduate from college and are hopeful for their futures but then that that first student loan bill comes in. Then you look and see; how much that dorm room really cost, how much all those meals you didn’t eat at the caf, add […]

  Politics haven’t been so “as usual” lately. With all the focus around Trump’s impeachment hearings, the 2020 elections seemed to be pushed to the side. Angie wanted to make sure to bring some attention to things sliding under our radar. Here she breaks down some of those facts and reminds everyone how important it […]

Are We Still Team Kaep or Is Kaep Cappin’? We have all followed the back and forth between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL. It seemed like they had finally come to an agreement and Colin held a workout over the weekend but things didn’t go so smooth. Get Angie Ange, Lore’l and On Air Jordan’s […]

Politics As Usual with Geoff Bennett: Details on Trump’s Impeachment Hearing Our White House correspondent Geoff Bennett checked in with us this morning to give more details on the Trump Impeachment Hearing happening this week. Listen to the full conversation in the video above…

According to a poll from Cohen Veterans Network, 49% of former and active military feel uncomfortable with the expression “Thank You for your service”. Angie discussed this topic with Jordan and wanted to know from our Veteran listeners, how they felt about it. One of our callers shared that the saying just seems very programmed […]

Angie reported about a month ago, on student athletes wanting and deserving to be paid from all of the money that colleges are making off of their names. Well the decision has been made and the students won! “The NCAA has offically cleared the way for athletes to profit from their names, image and likeness!” […]

The weather outside is frightful… so you know it’s about that time for cuffin’ season! Get your boo, bae, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or whoever and gather together for a night of Netflix and Chill! But wait you may not actually be able to if you don’t have your own Netflix account! Netflix may be deciding […]