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10 Reasons We Love Naomi Campbell & Want Her To Keep Slaying  was originally published on

1. Naomi Will ALWAYS Be The Queen!

Naomi Will ALWAYS Be The Queen!

2. She’ll Keep You In Line Like Your Momma

3. …But, Will Encourage Us When We Want To Walk Like Her.

4. She Doesn’t Mind Learning From Others

5. But, She Knows What She’s Talking About When It Comes To Racism In Her Own Industry

6. She Give Props To All Models On Their Come-Up

7. …Including Trans Models Trying To Break In The Industry

8. But, She’s Just As Shady As The Rest Of Us

9. She’s Just As Obsessed With Lupita N’yongo As We Are

10. She’s Willing To Address Crazy Rumors And Actually Be Honest

11. And, She’s Just, Well, Naomi Campbell. Duh