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Reading Mother’s Day Celebration Card from Young Daughter

The month of May is zooming by and already, Mother’s Day weekend is nearly upon us. For those gathering with Mom or the mother figures in their lives, we’ve got a handy gift guide below that should cover most bases.

Mother’s Day is a special time to honor those who gave us life and supported us throughout our journey. It is also a time to honor mother figures, including grandmothers, aunts, big sisters, and mentors who stepped in when we needed them. Our moms deserve a day of celebration and for those who need some ideas on what to get Mom, we think some of the findings below will hit the mark.

From appliances for the kitchen to beauty, fragrance, and tech products, your shopping duties are hopefully made a bit easier. Beyond gift-giving, we also have an upcoming cocktail guide publishing later this week so stay tuned for that.

For now, check out our 2024 Mother’s Day gift guide.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

UPDATE: We will be updating this guide through the day (May 7) until 5PM EDT

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1. BāKIT Box

BāKIT Box Source:BāKIT

BāKIT combines the comfort and craft of baking while also teaching our little helpers about STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Founded by Shelly Gupta, the brand’s subscription-based platform will provide yearlong delights for the whole family.

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2. Chémin

Chémin Source:Chémin

Chémin was founded by November Nichols, a self-taught perfumer who stumbled into her new profession after working in educational publishing. Based in Atlanta, Ms. Nichols’ company recently partnered with JC Penny to offer her fragrances at an approachable price point.

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3. Cocoa Dolce

Cocoa Dolce Source:Cocoa Dolce

Cocoa Dolce is a gourmet chocolate brand that also specializes in other sweets. If Mom enjoys a boozy treat, the brand partnered with Irish and American whiskey brand Keeper’s Heart for a special Mother’s Day collection.

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4. FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot Source:FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot offers an array of standing desks, ergonomic work chairs, and other items to make your office setup more comfortable. We’ve been using the brand for some time and their products are definitely among the best we’ve tried.

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5. It’s A Date

It's A Date Source:It's A Date

It’s A Date is a fun way to bring some spice back into one’s relationship and the scratch-off card system brings about a nice amount of mystery and surprise. 

Learn more here.

6. JoyJolt

JoyJolt Source:JoyJolt

JoyJolt is the creation of  Martin and Joel Mittelman, who embarked on a journey over a decade ago to find the ultimate high-quality shot glass. This inspired them to create shot glasses of their own and spawned an entire lineup of glassware, barware, kitchen appliances, and more. 

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7. Just Bee

Just Bee Source:Just Bee

Just Bee is a brand we’ve featured before and if you’re all about having your place or car smelling wonderful, they have candles, hanging diffusers, and more.

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8. MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon


MÄNNKITCHEN specializes in their “Cannons” or in other terms, their powerful grinding system to get the spices where you want them. They also have a variety of high-end kitchen appliances. 

Learn more here.

9. Maxell

Maxell Source:Maxell

For those of us of a certain age, Maxell is a brand you might be familiar with. Specializing in audio devices such as headphones and earbuds, the options are variable.

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10. Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 Source:Meta

The VR headset category is dominated by Meta and their Meta Quest 3 adds to the company’s impact on the space. Improving upon the completely solid Meta Quest 2 with a clearer passthrough, and faster processing speed, the Meta Quest 3 has several uses that include gaming, entertainment, and more.

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11. Moss Air

Moss Air Source:Moss Air

Moss Air, as you might catch from the name, involves moss, that’s right, the small green plant you’ll often see in the woods. The brand has rolled out a beautiful-looking device that almost resembles a terrarium. The device uses real moss to help purify the air and keep your moss fresh. It’s also not a huge device and has an LED display system to help it stand out.

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12. NU Standard

NU Standard Source:NU Standard

NU Standard was founded in 2020 by  Autumn Yarbrough, whose grandfather,  Comer Cottrell Jr., founded the Pro-Line Corp which managed The Curly Kit aka The Jheri Curl. Yarbrough’s mother, Renee Cottrell Brown, also founded Just For Me so the business acumen was certainly handed down. NU Standard takes a different approach as the brand is for textured hair. They also have fortifying supplements to boost the external effects of the products.

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13. Razer

Razer Source:Razer

Razer specializes in devices and accessories in the PC and mobile gaming world and the brand has a collection of devices meant to enhance your experience with the Meta Quest 3. We’ve been using our Meta Quest 3 for a while and the Razer Facial Interface and Adjustable Head Strap System is an upgrade. We also tried out the Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed for Meta Quest headphones which made for a delightfully comfortable and immersive experience. Come on, we know we have some tech-savvy moms out there!

Learn more here.

14. Sperry

Sperry Source:Sperry

Sperry is known for its floral boat shoes, penny loafers, and other styles. What we love about them is that they look like pure comfort for quick jaunts but stylish enough for a casual night on the town.

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15. The Bamboo Abode

The Bamboo Abode Source:The Bamboo Abode

If mom is like us and loves a cheese board and entertaining, then The Bamboo Abode is exactly the gift to grab. We recently used the 10-piece cheese board and wine glasses for a day of light snacking. It’s worth the buy.

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TORRAS is an electronics company that offers screen protectors for the two major brands (we don’t have to say the names, do we?) and a wireless charging device. The company also has wearable neck air conditioners known as the Coolify and it’s just in time as summer is rolling around fast.

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17. Urbanista

Urbanista Source:Urbanista

Urbanista is all about audio electronics, think wireless earphones, earbuds, and speakers. The brand’s solar-powered Malibu, a sun-charged powerhouse will be perfect for playing Mom’s favorite tunes as you make sure her day is special.

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18. Watex

Watex Source:Watex

For those with a green thumb or aspiring to do so, Watex might be a welcome addition. The brand offers mobile vertical gardens, which will allow the positioning of the plants to get the best angle for sunlight. 

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