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Edge Control Gel For 4c Hair

Source: Ebin/ Olive Oil/ The Mane Choice / Ebin/ Olive Oil/ The Mane Choice

I gave up on laying my edges a long time ago. Finding an edge control that actually held my 4C hair and didn’t melt down my face became a mission I reluctantly aborted.

Hairstylist Natasha Taylor, who goes by @Hairtobedifferent on Instagram, is known for her curly and curvy baby hairs and she gives her clients the same baby-haired treatment. No matter what their texture is, she has been able to sculpt their tresses in impressive ways.

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We caught up with the baby hair expert who shared her technique and the products she uses depending on your hair type.

“To achieve the perfect baby hairs, you have to use edge control that works for your hair type,” she revealed in a DM chat. “For me it was trial and error until I found the right one. I have like 4a-4b hair type and I found that Ebin’s firm hold edge control works best for me.”

Natasha swears by Ebin’s 24 Hour Edge Tamer – Extreme Firm Hold. If you’ve never heard of this baby hair baby making machine, it’s been raved about in the folds of magazines and by just about anyone who has tried its salon-grade formula. Or you can check out the review section on their website and how customers rate the product. One woman called it the “GOAT” of edge controls.

Ever want to try those colorful jars of Edge Booster on the shelf by the register at beauty supply store but wondered if it would work for you? According to Natasha, it might work for you if your hair falls in the 3 section of the hair chart. “If someone has hair in the 3 range of the chart, they can use another types that may not be as “firm” like Edge Booster, Shine & Jam, Creme of Nature or Olive Oil brands.”

But for more textured hair, “Ebin, Murray’s, Mane choice, OGX Honey Hold, Got 2 B Gel,” she added. And if all else fails, “regular gels will work good,” as well.

Keep scrolling to see which of these edge controls might be best for you!

9 Edge Control Gels For Textured Hair  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com



Ebin’s edge tamer promises a firm 24 hour hold without the flaky mess for each different hair type. The “extreme firm hold” is best for dense, coily hair while the “mega hold” is best for wavy, curly hair and the “ultra super hold” is for relaxed, fine or wave hair. (Starts at $3.49)


2. Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel, 16.9 Ounce (Sweet Peach)

Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel, 16.9 Ounce (Sweet Peach) Source:Style Factor

Style Factor’s Edge Booster is quickly becoming a favorite among women for it’s eye-catching jars, shine power and holding power. And you can order it on Amazon. ($9.50)




Before edge control was a thing, Shine & Jam’s classic gel provided a moldable hold without the hard and flaky appearance of certain gels. It became staple in the beauty cabinet of Black women everywhere and go-to product for its budget-friendly price. ($2.99)

4. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges, 2.25 oz.

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges, 2.25 oz. Source:Creme of Nature

Creme of Nature’s #1 selling edge control enlists Argan Oil as it’s top ingredient, which makes it a top pick among women who want to lay their edge but are also looking for a product that conditions their hair as well. ($4.42)

5. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel Source:Amazon.com

We were first introduced to edge control when Olive Oil dropped the revolutionary product. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel changed the game by giving us a gel that was specific for our edges. The beloved product provides good hold, with a sleek shine. The alcohol-free formula works to promote healthy hair and fight breakage. ($5.49)

6. Murray’s Edgewax Extreme Hold 

Murray’s Edgewax Extreme Hold  Source:Amazon.com

We know Murray’s makes hair pomade, but they have edge control too? Yup and it packs a superior hold. Murray’s Edgewax Extreme Hold gel is tried and true. However, you have to be careful with hair waxes because they are hard to shampoo out. ($5.77)


ULTRA GLUED STYLING GEL Source:Schwarzkopf.com

Hold? More like freeze. This gel doesn’t play when it comes to laying down whatever it touches. Freeze your edges in place with Got 2 B’s invisible styling gel. Also used to secure your lace front, Got 2B provides an unmatched hold for under $5. ($4.69)



Any gel with name glue in it sounds like it will provide a great hold and OGX’s Honey Hold Mega Glue packs a lot of punch. The gel provides an indestructible hold with the sweet scent of honey. ($7.49)

9. LAID BACK EFFORTLESSLY – Growth Stimulating Edge Control

LAID BACK EFFORTLESSLY - Growth Stimulating Edge Control Source:The Mane Choice

The Mane Choice is giving us hold and hair health with their “Laid Back Effortlessly” edge control that is a growth stimulator as well. It packs all the “healthy hair essentials” for the girl who is just as concerned with preserving her edges as she is with smoothing them down. ($9.99)

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