Blac Chyna has decided to leave the plastic surgery behind and "reduced (her) breast and Gluteus maximus"...

It’s here! We got word that Blac Chyna was working on music a couple of months ago and while we weren’t really anticipating it, we did want to hear how it sounds. Well, its here and you have to let us know how it sounds. Chyna goes off on the men who can’t handle her […]

Blac Chyna was once one of the most sought-after social media stars with appearance fees in clubs going as high as $30,000 reportedly. Now, that appearance fee bag is looking mad light after her connection to Rob Kardashian and the Kardashian media empire has all but fizzled. TMZ reports: BC’s turning 30 next week, and […]

Blac Chyna has people wondering whether she just got engaged again. Wedding bells could be ringing, if you take Instagram captions seriously. Earlier this week, Chyna’s boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay posted a picture of her with the caption, “Will you marry me?” Now, fans are taking this as a hint that Chyna and YBN […]

Someone pissed off Blac Chyna! On Sunday at Six Flags in Cali, Blac Chyna was spotted getting ready to throw some bows. Yes, at SIX FLAGS while on a kiddie date with her (much) younger boyfriend and two kids. In the videos, Chyna is seen taking off her jacket, grabbing a stroller and lunging at […]

  Blac Chyna posed for a few pictures hanging out in Malibu. Most people on the “internet” are not feeling the photos at all. You be the Judge.    

Iyanla may need to come fix Blac Chyna‘s life for real. Blac Chyna looks to have confirmed that she is dating Texas rapper YBN Almighty Jay.  The 29-year-old was seen getting out of a Ferrari with the 18-year-old Jay. When paparazzi asked if the two were dating, Chyna said Yeah, we’re like, dating,” and laughed. Now, […]


The reality TV star Blac Chyna claimed to be the victim of revenge porn after a sex tape starring her leaked online on Monday.

A clip of Blac Chyna performing Oral sex leaked and she isn’t happy about it. TMZ reports that Chyna plans to get the police involved after a clip her performing the sexual act was released. In the minute plus long clip, you do not the man’s face in the video but you see enough. Her […]

Looks like Blac Chyna has been in the studio recording a new strip club anthem. “Pop that P—y like a Pistol” is the name of Chyna’s Rap debut single. Check it out.