Katt Williams Banned from the Melrose Apartments! smh

After avoiding trouble since he was traded to the Cavaliers, it looks like his New York antics are still haunting J.R. Smith.

As Katt Williams continues to find himself embroiled in disputes, the full video of him getting into a fight with a minor has surfaced.

A fight broke out at the Newport Centre Mall in New Jersey Sunday after a 1-year-old girl slipped out of the chair during the photo-op with the Easter Bunny. The father of the girl. The father then begins to verbally and physically attack the bunny. The altercation was broken up shortly, then the bunny followed up […]

Watch what you say to the Snowman! Young Jeezy Almost Gets into it with a fan at a show in Florida.

A Black teenager from Oklahoma decided to defend herself - violently - after she was called a racial slur by a White teen.

Ladies headed from Baltimore to LAX fight on Spirit Airlines. Apparently some girls were drunk and blasting music (being annoying) and some other women got fed up. Punches were thrown and of course someone recorded it.

While attending a Beanie Sigel show in Philly this weekend, comedian Katt Williams found himself in another altercation - and he didn't make out too well.

  Some Texas politicians get into a verbal altercation over someone sleeping with someone’s wife and apparently the wife didn’t tell him…his daughter did. The Lord is not pleased!

A$AP Rocky got into a fight inside an elevator in New Zealand as he was heading upstairs with a group of women.

The Game and Stitches were involved in an altercation in Miami during Art Basel that all played out on social media.